Keith Garrett


Keith has been married to his fantastic wife Karen for eleven years and they have an 8 year-old son named Caleb. He is the pastor over the Kindergarten through 6th grade kids. For twelve years he was a special education teacher in the Northeast Independent School District. Keith graduated from Dallas Christian College with a BA in Theology in 1986 and received his Texas Special Education Teaching certificate from the University of Texas-San Antonio in 1992. He is a mobile DJ on the side, playing at parties, weddings, and special occasions. For the past 15 years he has been a cast member on the PBS Children’s show CATPAWS. Keith’s interests are playing with his family, listening to and performing music (Keyboard and Drums), worship leading, hanging out with children at Kids Crossing, CATPAWS, DJ-ing, fishing, hunting, working in his work shop, and kayaking.